Danser a Dansaert


My fashion obsession kept hunting my mind, until I started to do something about it. It made me move from Brussels to London by transferring to my current job, that obsession pushed me to apply at London College of Fashion (LCF). Here I’m, in a new city, new job, new apartment and maybe starting a Business fashion study soon.

Since I started my move to London, sometimes, I lose the notion of what’s real and what’s fiction, everything is moving fast, even faster than I have imagined, I feel living in the words of one of my favourite Picasso’s quotes ‘Everything you imagine is real’, however, at the same time, I start to feel anxious and the second quote of Oscar Wilde is more appropriate to explain this feeling ‘There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.’

Let’s get real for a second and search the right outfit, to say goodbye to Black and white season.

Look, ohhh, it’s the shoes I dreamed about for so long… Aren’t they?


Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes pumps

Let’s take them!



Look there, it’s green you can have the dress, it’s yours Nora


Sandro dress

Now that I have the dress and the shoes, let’s walk forward, and hope to find happiness on my way, no matter the life I have.





Photography by Alfred Yue Hin Man

White Dress Spike Shoes post is with the collaboration of my ideas, creativity, pictures composition and writing

Lunch @ Jimmy Choo s


On my way to buy lunch, my eyes and heart were captured by these Dream shoes, I entered the Jimmy Choo shop knowing that I can’t afford this shoes as I’m moving soon and I need to have all my savings.

The sales lady asked me whether I would like to try the Dream shoes.

I answered ‘’ohhh! No, no need I’m not going to buy them, I’m here to please my eyes”

She answered:” Just try them, it makes me feel good to see a woman like you wearing these shoes”


After few minutes, I was walking in the Jimmy Choo shop wearing the Dream shoes and they are just perfect, my feet were perfectly balanced in the shoes which gave me the right balance to walk.


I didn’t have lunch, my lunch was spending time with the Dream shoes, now I understand the words “All you need is love”, I can live with my love to shoes.

Photography by my broken iPhone

Lunch at Jimmy Choo’s post is with the collaboration of my spontaneity

Would you skip your lunch to spend time with the Dream shoes?

Tring Tring…


Me: “Hello! How are you? Happy to hear from you…”

Mister X: “… it’s complicated…I’m crazy about you but there is also her…”

Me: ”Complicated!? Her?”


Me: I don’t like when it’s “complicated”, I’m sorry but I have to move on, I can’t waste my time.


He is not the one.

Leather is one of my favourite materials, it keeps your body warm in this silly and unstoppable cold weather. I’m wearing a Vila leather skirt in a feminine style, a Zara black shirt, Essentiel necklace and Donna Karan New York booties.

How would you wear a leather skirt? A skirt that makes you look at the same time tough, sexy and feminine.


Tring Tring post is part of BLACK-AND-WHITE collection which is with the collaboration of Caroline Yaramis.

Photography by Romain Garcin, http://www.romaingarcin.tumblr.com/

Hallucinating stripes


One of the spring/summer 2013 trends is stripes

During the fashion shows there was a lot of visual illusion energy, in a first stage I thought my illusions were due to the excitement of the new collection and then I understood it was due to stripes. They were in all styles and forms, on pants, skirt, dress and T-shirts in horizontal and vertical form.

Christian Dior, Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul & Joe, Issey Miyake, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Etro, Sportmax, Simonetta Ravizza, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar De la Renta and Acne used stripes in different ways.

I used to wear stripes in ‘la marinière’ style, like Coco Chanel or Jean Paul Gauthier, but this season made me change my mind. I’ll wear stripes to give a hallucination to the guys that can’t stop looking at me :-)

How would you wear stripes; for work, to go out or to just spend a relaxing day?


Spring/summer 2013 will be the season of optical illusions


The spring/summer 2013 trends in my own particular way.

This is not me, it’s my image in the mirror


Vintage Valentino skirt, Vila sweater and Sergio Rossi timeless chocolate patent leather pumps.

Let’s go for a Sunday brunch with the girls 


I’m wearing a Zara sweater, River Island leader skirt, Alexander Wang bag and Sergio Rossi timeless chocolate patent leather pumps. My Ipad is wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Bunny.

Let’s see what the fortune teller predicts…: “don’t go, he is not the one”


MANGO skirt and T-shirt, Donna Karan New York booties.

Let’s go to work


Sandro silk shirt,  Mate Gat Rimon leather leggings, Alexander Wang bag and Manolo Blahnik sandal.

Let’s have coffee with Caroline


Nora is wearing a Zara black shirt, Vila leather skirt, Essentiel necklace and The Kooples booties.

Caroline is wearing an American Vintage sweater and By Malene Birger skirt.

BLACK-AND-WHITE collection is with the collaboration of Caroline Yaramis.

Photography by Romain Garcin, http://www.romaingarcin.tumblr.com/